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NutriBullet Review: Burning Smell of Smoke?I purchased a Nutribullet at Walmart on 12/18/2013 and on the first use smelled smoke and actually saw smoke. The canister was only filled to the max line and everything in the canister was soft food or liquid. At first I suspected that I forgot to move some wrapping to an internal part, but there is none. My second guess was that I did not twist the canister onto the Nutribullet well and some fluid leaked out and drained into the housing unit where it came into contact with the motor causing the burning smoke smell. On my second use, I made sure not to overfill, and twisted the lid to the canister extremely tight. This time, I still had a VERY strong smell of smoke and also noticed white smoke coming from the NutriBullet housing.

NutriBullet Review on Customer Service


In fact, I strongly feel that had I left the unit running for just another minute or two the unit would have caught fire or the motor stopped working.

My review of the NutriBullet is cautious because of this and want to hear from others who have purchased this device to see if they have experienced the same thing, and what they found (if any) to correct it. I did notice quite a few review sites have people on them who have experienced the same thing, but could not find any answers.

After smelling smoke using your NutriBullet were you able to get this issue resolved using customer service?

UPDATE: 12/19/2013: I was able to resolve this issue after several other test runs. First, the max fill line in my estimation needs to be lowered and you need to make TRIPLE sure that there is a lot of liquids in the canister prior to juicing. If there is moderate thickness to the contents of foods you put in this device, the NutriBullet simply can not handle it and the motor will start to burn and emit smoke.

In fact I would use the milling blade all the time unless you have 80% liquid to start with, then finalize your juicing using the extractor blade and canister.

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5 thoughts on “NutriBullet Review: Burning Smell of Smoke?

  • Maeghan

    I received a nutribullet yesterday and was so excited! I made a pretty simple smoothie, watermelon, yogurt, banana, flax seed, and coconut water. i blended it for about 12 seconds and smelled something like the nutribullet was burning. It scared me, I didn’t want it to blow up or catch fire or anything and didn’t want it to break.
    I’m going to try and make another simple smoothie this morning and see what happens.

    If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this please let me know!

    • Michael Sanderson Post author

      Maeghan, Notice the fill line on your clear tube that you mix in. In our tests this fill line is very wrong and needs to be lowered. Also, in our tests the amount of liquid in the mixing tube needs to be substantial with little solids. Try that and if you smell no smoke or burning smell add in some more solids.

  • Maeghan

    I fill the cup up well below the max fill line. the amount of solids and liquid are pretty equal to each other. it still smelled again this morning when i used it. like electrical burning i think it was.

    • Michael Sanderson Post author

      That is exactly what happened to me, try something like a banana cut up into 3 pieces and the rest some type of liquid. If you smell nothing then try a banana and a few strawberries till you find the right mix. Or, you could add liquid above the max fill line.

      • Maeghan

        so i’m not able to have a thick smoothie?
        my aunt was saying she purchased a vitamix (lucky her!) and she smells some burning smell. but she was told it will smell like that for a few times since it’s new and the smell will eventually go away. i’m hoping that’s what is going on with the nutribullet.